All Right – Line Up!

All Right Line Up! IconEvery circle has a right place to go! Can you arrange them all?

All Right – Line Up! is a puzzle game in which you will have to fling all the circles in their right place.
You must be clever, to guess which is the correct path to reach a line, and you must be skilled, because some levels require correct aiming and perfect timing.

60 levels of growing difficulty await you!

Nothing is impossible:
– Use elements to let circles bounce;
– Be smart! Use flashing black holes to jump, avoid red ones by not getting attracted;
– Use special moving elements to achieve your result!

Unlock all achievements if you can, to become the biggest player in the All Right World!

Developed by OMGware and published by Tiny Games!


  • Over 60 levels of growing difficulty.
  • Lots of beautiful color palettes and effects!
  • Levels and Endless modes!
  • Clean polished graphics.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements!

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